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The YouTube Stars of the WTA

20 Oct

So here are the latest YouTube videos from the musical Vania King and the comical Andrea Petkovic:



It’s nice to have hobbies.


David Ferrer and that Crying Baby

16 Oct

Does anybody remember the much ado about nothing involving David Ferrer hitting the ball toward the crying baby earlier this year in Miami? Well, I wonder if the producers of this Shanghai Masters promo do.


I am not sure why this made me laugh so hard, but I thought I should share in case you have the same warped sense of tennis humor. I also wanted an excuse to shout a “Vamos Ferru” before the big final tomorrow. Bring home your first Master Series shield – do it for all of the hard-working grinders out there.

david ferrer shanghai final

VAMOS FERRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agnieszka Radwanska Feels Like Dancing. Yeeaaaahhhh.

10 Oct

And why shouldn’t Agnieszka Radwanska feel like dancing?

She certainly deserves to be enjoying this Asian leg of the tour with her second tournament win in the past two weeks. Radwanska won a crowd-pleasing roller coaster of a final in Beijing over Andrea Petkovic by a score of 7-5 0-6 6-4. Perhaps even more entertaining than the match was the joy, sportsmanship, and dance both displayed after the match. You may as well take a look for yourself…

Radwanska’s  victories over Jankovic, Azarenka, and Zvonareva in Tokyo and Ivanovic, Pennetta, and Petkovic in Beijing showcase how Aga has been the ready and steady force to take advantage of the weary-looking WTA field. Although her opponents these past two weeks were from from pushovers, I simply cannot remember a WTA tournament like Beijing where all of the top eight seeds failed to make the semis.

Radwanska over the last two weeks has been able to sneak up to match her career-high ranking of #8 and looks poised to make the year-end championships out of nowhere. Considering the way top players have wilted under the pressure of their own success and Radwanska’s recent form, the World #8 has the steady yet crafty play that could help snag her biggest title yet.

It seems like Aga has been around forever, but let’s remember she is only 22 and has not had major titles like these before. Her title in Carlsbad in August of this year ended a three and a half year drought since her victory in Pattaya City back in 2008, and Carlsbad seems to have given her the momentum needed to have this end of the year surge. Radwanska has been able to stay in the Top 20 for four years mostly due to her QF and 4R runs at Slams, but maybe now we will be seeing her lift these trophies on a more regular basis as well.

Keep on dancing, Agnieszka!

Radwanska and Petkovic Dance From Behind

Is Novak Djokovic Getting Training Tips from Lady Gaga?

28 Aug

Novak Djokovic recently revealed that he has been entering a futuristic egg-like chamber reminiscent of the one from Lady Gaga’s famous hatching from The Grammy Awards. Unlike Gaga’s, Nole’s egg is not just a prop and is supposed to simulate high altitude conditions to saturate the blood with oxygen and promote healing. It’s called a CVAC pod and while not banned currently by the ATP, you have to imagine there will be discussions of such now that Novak has revealed his use publicly. Other athletes have used devices like this before, but the drastic improvement in Novak’s results this year may make others cvac podquestion whether or not this training method is in the spirit of fair competition.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, “(CVAC) claims that spending up to 20 minutes in the pod three times a week can boost athletic performance by improving circulation, boosting oxygen-rich red-blood cells, removing lactic acid and possibly even stimulating mitochondrial biogenesis and stem-cell production.”

Djokovic also changed his diet to become gluten-free, and many have attributed his improvement in performance to this diet change. While many others have since gone gluten-free, you may want to invest in CVAC in case this starts a new trend – and a much more expensive trend than a loaf of gluten-free bread. Novak explained, “I think it really helps, not with muscle but more with recovery after an exhausting set. It’s like a spaceship. It’s very interesting technology.”

While the use of this CVAC pod cannot be the only reason for Novak’s unprecedented 57-2 record this year and new-found dominance over Rafael Nadal in particular, but it certainly makes me curious how much of a factor this contraption has really been. We certainly have not seen Nole gasping for air during matches like he had been in previous seasons.

In other Nole news, let’s take a look at what else he revealed about himself when he dressed up as one of today’s biggest female icons…and no, we are not talking about Lady Gaga again.

Cox and Ball Play

20 Aug

Well if TCW had any credibility with the tennis community, this post may erase all of that. But when Carsten Ball and Jordan Cox play for the first time like they are right now in the quallies of Winston-Salem, all bets are off….and all puns are on. As I write this entry, Ball has bagged the first set but as you know sometimes it takes a while for Cox to heat up. Ball has served amazingly so far with 14 aces, and he looks quite motivated to beat Cox. Ball seems to be hanging low for some reason as Cox just came back to serve for the second set. That’s enough Cox and Ball play for me, let’s watch this master class on how to write and deliver good Ball material:

Even before I noticed the Ball-Cox match, I showed my immaturity with a laugh when I read the scoreline of another quallie match in Winston-Salem. Christian Harrison beat William Boe-Wiegarrd 6-4 6-0, and I had to let out a chuckle because I envisioned another SNL sketch with Barbara ‘Wawa’ Walters trying to pronounce Beauregard. I hope people are enjoying this light-hearted fun, but be prepared for serious tennis coverage next week as we feature the US Open Qualifying Tournament. Get ready and get psyched!

Breaking News: Cox got a bit stiff trying to serve out the second set and Ball just won the match in a second set tiebreak by a score of 6-2 7-6(4). I guess it’s the same old story of choking Cox that we have seen so many times before.

PS – I hope our readers and especially the players take no offense to this childish fun. Jordan Cox in particular is a player that we featured very early at TCW, and we hope to be writing about him and his tennis success stories for many years to come. As well as Devin Britton, Carsten Ball, Christian Harrison, and maybe William Boe-Wiegarrd too.

Monday Morning Videos

21 Mar

Just a little comic relief from Andy Murray to help raise money for charity…

And will Nole really be playing tennis on the wings of a plane today?

The rumour is that these two funny blokes will be playing doubles together in Miami. Who’s Jamie Murray going to play with though? I bet Marko will be available…or maybe Djordje.

And Canadian Tennis Is Born

15 Mar

After writing yesterday’s entry about the the future of US tennis, I saw this video from a couple of YouTube kids excited about Milos Raonic and the future of Canadian tennis.  Just some silly fun, please enjoy…

I wonder if these boys will be doing a video for Rebecca Marino as she moves up the rankings.