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2013 US Open Quallies, Final Round

25 Aug

Here are more pictures from the last round of US Open Quallies. There is a mix of today’s stars practicing as well as the players from the qualification tournament. Let’s test out the tennis crack whore in you as I will not label any of the pictures. How many can you name? You can look at the “tags” if you want some help.



I will not make you guess who is in the following two pictures because I think she deserves special attention. This was the first time I had the opportunity to watch a 20 year old Serbian woman named Aleksandra Krunic play, and I am expecting big things from her. Ladies and gentleman, please meet Aleksandra Krunic.

Aleksandra Krunic US Open 2013

Aleksandra Krunic serving. See the ball?

Aleksandra Krunic of Serbia

Fluid service motion by Aleksandra Krunic



2011 Roland Garros Women’s Final Summary (Sans Words)

4 Jun

Final Days of The French Open: Easy as 1-2-3…and 4-5-6 Too!

3 Jun

Tennis and math nerds unite!  As we all know, 6 is an important number in tennis. It takes 6 games to win a set. And right now, there are 6 singles players left. Who’s still standing? Each of the seeds numbered 1 through 6. Francesca Schiavone and Li Na, the #5 and #6 women’s seeds, survived one more round to join all the top 4 men’s seeds as the Final 6. So how many rounds did each win to reach the final? Yep, 6!

6 players remaining, 6 countries represented. Spain, Serbia, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, and China all have a horse in the race going in to the final stretch. Although not the tennis powerhouses that they used to be, the United States and Australia teamed up to hoist the first trophies of 2011 at Roland Garros. The unseeded team of Scott Lipsky of Merrick, New York and Casey Dellacqua of Perth, Australia upset the #1 team of Srebotnik and Zimonjic to win the mixed doubles championship match by a score of 76(6) 46 [10-7].

But back to #5 and #6, I cannot wait until Saturday morning to see the women’s final. Two of the older women in the draw with Schiavone aged 30 and Na at 29 are also two of the shorter women as well as two of the most entertaining in my opinion. I think I am looking forward to their speeches just as much as the actual match. Their head-to-head record is 2-2 with Schiavone winning the last time they played, which just happened to be in Roland Garros last year in the 3rd round. How many games do you think Schiavone lost to Li Na in that match? You guessed it…6!

But let’s not assume Schiavone will win the 2011 title just because she beat Li Na so easily last year. If you remember, Stosur actually beat Schiavone in the 1st Round of the 2009 Roland Garros before losing to Frankie in the 2010 Final. And with a women’s event that had so many upsets this year, somehow we are left with the defending champion and the Australian Open finalist. Sooooo predictable. As easy to predict as 1-2-3-4-5-6.