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2013 US Open Quallies, Final Round

25 Aug

Here are more pictures from the last round of US Open Quallies. There is a mix of today’s stars practicing as well as the players from the qualification tournament. Let’s test out the tennis crack whore in you as I will not label any of the pictures. How many can you name? You can look at the “tags” if you want some help.



I will not make you guess who is in the following two pictures because I think she deserves special attention. This was the first time I had the opportunity to watch a 20 year old Serbian woman named Aleksandra Krunic play, and I am expecting big things from her. Ladies and gentleman, please meet Aleksandra Krunic.

Aleksandra Krunic US Open 2013

Aleksandra Krunic serving. See the ball?

Aleksandra Krunic of Serbia

Fluid service motion by Aleksandra Krunic



Ryan Harrison Is A Stud Part III

16 Mar

As long as we are doing follow-up stories, Harrison gutting out his win over the Canadian Messiah tonight reminded me of when we first covered The Stud.  Now don’t get me wrong for those of you who watched the match, young Ryan definitely showed some nerves as he tried to close out Milos Raonic. But who wouldn’t get nervous playing in front of a packed stadium trying to make it to the Sweet 16 of  a Master Series event for the first time? Some would say that at the age of 18, Ryan would be too young to feel the nerves. I get the impression that this kid is too smart and focused on lofty goals to not get nervous. All players feel the nerves but closers close out matches, and his performance tonight is yet another good sign for his long-term prospects.

Brad Gilbert mentions in Winning Ugly that all players will choke away points or even games, but the best players are able to work through those bad moments and not go away when the going gets tough. I wouldn’t say Ryan choked when he lost his serve trying to close out the match at 5-2 in the 3rd set, but there was definitely some tension in the air. Raonic even earned a break point in the 5-4 game but Ryan steadied himself enough to win 76(1) 46 64 on his 4th match point. Harrison let his emotions burst from the seams as he celebrated this hard-fought victory, and some of you might recall his subdued emotions after beating Ljubicic at the US Open last year. He was clearly pumped as well as relieved to eek out the win to earn the chance to play King Roger tomorrow.

I was planning on writing about the battles of former WTA #1’s from both Russia and Serbia, but Ryan Harrison stole the show today from the former WTA superstars. Ivanovic cruised over Jankovic 64 62 earlier today, and we will talk tomorrow about the words exchanged in their press conferences. The former Russian #1’s Safina and Sharapova may provide more drama on court tonight than the Serbian women, but let’s chat on that tomorrow as well. And I’m sorry but shame on Tennis Channel for sticking with Wozniacki vs Kleybanova instead of showing Harrison the next American star battle Raonic the fastest rising player on tour right now. I normally complain about the international stars not getting enough TV time in order to only show American players, but this was ridiculous. All you had to do was look at the deserted stands for the Wozniacki match while the fans were going nuts for Harrison on Stadium 2 to know that tennis fans may have grown a little tired of Wozniacki already.

But no worries, tennis crack whores always find a way to watch their preferred match and this time we literally found a live feed from Al Jazeera. Plus, we got to enjoy watching Ryan close out the match for the second time 20 minutes later on Tennis Channel, as well as the cut-aways of the shirts vs skins ATP soccer game. Even this blooper with Gimelstob and Djokovic was more interesting than what made it on air to Tennis Channel tonight.

And Canadian Tennis Is Born

15 Mar

After writing yesterday’s entry about the the future of US tennis, I saw this video from a couple of YouTube kids excited about Milos Raonic and the future of Canadian tennis.  Just some silly fun, please enjoy…

I wonder if these boys will be doing a video for Rebecca Marino as she moves up the rankings.

I Love Andy Roddick…For Now

21 Feb

Sweet Victory!

Did you happen to catch the Andy Roddick-Milos Raonic final? That really could have been the best match point ever as Andy dove in order to hit a forehand down the line past a stunned Milos at the net. Roddick pulled out the dare-I-say gutsy win against the rising star by a score of 76(7) 67(11) 75. Raonic may have played more aggressively overall, but Roddick fought hard and played smart to eek out the title. I think many of you know that Andy Roddick has never been one of my favorite players for mostly attitudinal reasons, but I surprisingly found myself rooting for Andy today. 

The Canadian Pete Sampras?

Nothing against Milos, I just seem to be pulling for all the veteran players these days. And maybe it’s also because the young Canadian reminds of me another American star who always rubbed me the wrong way, but then again I am sure Milos does not mind being compared to Pete Sampras regardless of the reason why. Milos won me over with his humble and humorous words after his tough loss to Andy today. I have certainly been impressed with the big guy’s talent, but today was the first time I got to see more of his personality which I thoroughly enjoyed. Milos shared with the crowd how happy and surprised he is by all his recent success, and he joked that at least he will be part of one of the most-watched match points on YouTube even if he is on the losing side of the court this time.  

Roddick had some humble words of his own to share after the match dismissing his illness that almost forced him to withdraw. He also warmly congratulated Milos and said that from his many years of playing tennis he can tell that Raonic has a very bright future and will have many more special tennis moments to enjoy. Raonic surely has the potential to get to #1 and win Grand Slams, but even with his performance this week he will move inside the Top 40 to become the highest ranked Canadian player ever.  Not too shabby for a guy that was ranked #152 a month ago and #360 just last year.

Without further adieu, here is Andy Roddick’s diving shot on match point that won him his 3rd title in Memphis and 30th overall…

Better video quality would help, but let’s see if Milos was right about this becoming one of the most-watched match points ever. And for now, I will enjoy the feeling of being both a Milos Raonic and Andy Roddick fan. Rookies and veterans, we need ’em both.