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2013 US Open Quallies, Final Round

25 Aug

Here are more pictures from the last round of US Open Quallies. There is a mix of today’s stars practicing as well as the players from the qualification tournament. Let’s test out the tennis crack whore in you as I will not label any of the pictures. How many can you name? You can look at the “tags” if you want some help.



I will not make you guess who is in the following two pictures because I think she deserves special attention. This was the first time I had the opportunity to watch a 20 year old Serbian woman named Aleksandra Krunic play, and I am expecting big things from her. Ladies and gentleman, please meet Aleksandra Krunic.

Aleksandra Krunic US Open 2013

Aleksandra Krunic serving. See the ball?

Aleksandra Krunic of Serbia

Fluid service motion by Aleksandra Krunic



French Roast, French Toast, and The French Open Draw

20 May

Wake up early tomorrow for our French Open draw analysis as it is revealed live at 5:30AM EST. Not that they would have done much damage in the draw, but Andy Roddick and Juan Carlos Ferrero have withdrawn due to shoulder injuries.

As we anticpiate where the top players will fall in the main draw, let’s hear it for a couple of the old dogs battling through two rounds of quallies in front of their home crowd. You didn’t hear these two French players whine about not getting wild cards in to the main draw. Oh yeah, Donald Young decided not to play the qualifying rounds after all his fuss on Twitter. 

Allez Marc Gicquel!

Allez Stephane Robert! Allez Romain Jouan, le petite chien!